This Project

We work on amazing

projects all day

We design, co-create and support projects with an evolutionary purpose and with a broader social and ethical mission.

The world needs people

doing things that matter.

This Project is not the project, or a project ⎯ THIS is every project that
makes you feel right here and right now and say “THIS is what I want to be part of!”.

The world needs people doing things that matter. If you wish to make a change do what matters to you ⎯ the world will notice.

That’s us

David Ghirardello

A digital consultant to media, broadcasters, and TV production companies since 2007. He developed digital media strategies for Rai - the Public Service Broadcasting in Italy -, built a TV show on TED Talks and organized several events about digital media. He is a technology entrepreneur who’s passionate about innovation, and who can't stay a day without creating.

Federica Marra

A linguistic and cultural mediator who worked on sustainability projects with international organizations like FAO and Slow Food. She entered the world of social entrepreneurship and startups with the 1st prize of the Young Earth Solutions of the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition, and has not stopped popping up ideas ever since.